Boxing vs Wrestling – Which Is Better?

The honest answer to this question is entirely subjective. Saying that one sport is better than another is based on personal and practical information. In other words, there’s a big difference of opinion.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at why the 2 sports of often compared in such a way. Analyzing the strengths and drawbacks of each sport based on different situations, circumstances, and desired outcomes.

Can You Compare Boxing And Wrestling

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Boxers and Wrestlers are often compared. There are many theories and debates campaigning for each sport however it comes down to preference.

Athletes who are inclined to contact sports do tend to go for boxing, wrestling, or a mix of both. Despite both sports being completely separate. The recent surge in popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA) has taken the fighting scene by surprise. In this sport, fighters can use all forms of fighting which allows boxing and wrestling to be used together.

Both sports do require strength, determination, resilience, and weight classes nevertheless they may seem entirely different to some. The opinion that boxing is superior for self-defense is common yet wrestling allows for optimal control of an opponent whether that be in a competitive environment or any physical altercation.

Throughout history, fighters from both sports have often resulted in spectacular rivalries. Some of the most famous cases in the past few years consist of Mayweather vs McGregor or Khabib vs McGregor.

What Are The Advantages Of Boxing

Boxing is a very old sport, having been around for so long and only increased in popularity we know it’s something special. Besides its long history boxing is all about hitting and not being hit. Making it ideal for self-defense scenarios. Learning how to use your fists as weapons can be an extremely valuable tool to acquire.

Let’s break this down some more. Most common physical altercations take place at pubs, clubs, social gatherings, and daylight robberies. Being able to stay composed and unpredictable can help in all of the situations listed above. A boxer who knows he has knockout power and technique will majority of the time want to de-escalate negative situations as they have nothing to prove. This all-around increases safety and decreases the chances of injury.

The non-physical side of boxing may also be perceived as a significant advantage. Due to its immense popularity, boxers can become extremely successful. The highest-paid athlete of all time Floyd Mayweather Jr is proof that boxing can be an extremely lucrative sport.

With that being said competition is high however, it’s easy to find boxing fights, especially in the amateur as so many fighters are training. This means getting your experience up isn’t hard.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Boxing

One of the most common negatives of boxing is the chance of injury. Whether in training or fighting, the chance of brain damage is apparent. In recent years boxing has become safe with an increase in safety precautions nevertheless the general nature of the sport can not be changed.

The aim of boxing is to land blows on your opponent with the ideal result often a knockout. Boxers do often face a number of concussions as well as broken bones. Some professionals would argue that this sort of repeated punishment can have a significant impact later on in life.

To get a better understanding of what sort of injuries do tend to occur in boxing check out our article on the Worst injuries in boxing.

What Are The Advantages Of Wrestling

Wrestling is another age-old form of contact sport. It teaches all the traditional values of contact sport but focuses on submission and grabbing. The immense strength that is developed by taking part in high-level wrestling can allow athletes to become formidable fighters.

Wrestling develops the whole body. Explosive power along with high endurance are all traits that are essential to the sport. From a self-defense standpoint being able to wrestle can help when put in difficult situations.

Large amounts of all-around muscle development also lead to wrestlers developing well-rounded physics that not only look aesthetically pleasing but are practical in the real world. Watching professionals Wrestle is a great way to understand the sheer power that is needed to succeed in this challenging sport. Here’s a quick video explaining some talents of the best Wrestlers.

What are The Disadvantages Of Wrestling

Like with all combat sports, the chances of injury do tend to be higher. Similar to boxing, federations have tried to implement new ways to make the sport safer however the underlying facts regarding the nature of the sport and its rules are the same.

In wrestling the goal is often to dominate your opponent whether this be through takedowns and submissions. The goal in wrestling is to pin your opponent’s shoulders to the mat. Whilst doing so wrestlers can suffer irreversible damage to multiple areas.

Wrestling is also nowhere near as financially rewarding as other combat sports. If you are thinking about making fighting into a career then weighing up the possible income you could make from the sport is well worth considering.

Another disadvantage of Wrestling is the cauliflower ear, it’s a term used to describe the scar tissue around the ear often filled with a blood-like liquid. It’s a common side effect of prolonged wrestling and is a result of intense grappling and squeezing in and out of holds. The pressure enduring causes the ears to swell at a sometimes alarming rate.

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Similarities Between Boxing and Wrestling

Both Boxing and Wrestling are combat sports. Both sports require 2 solo individuals to compete via a set of rules in order to determine the greater athlete. Like with all sports there are clear risks that athletes are made aware of.

Boxing and Wrestling require individuals to dedicate their lives to vigorous training. Due to the nature of the sport being on your game is more important than anything. One small mistake could result in a catastrophic outcome. Nevertheless may strength and conditioning aspects of both sports are very similar.

Explosive power, strength, and speed are all traits the athletes in both sports train specifically for. Having a strong lower body is another similarity. Being able to move well around the boxing ring is similar in some ways to moving in wrestling. Strong legs also generate power for takedowns as well as throwing heavy punches.

What Are The Differences Between Boxing And Wrestling?

The main difference between the two sports is the rules are entirely different. In boxing fighter have to be stood up and are only allowed to stike each other on the front and side of the body. This differes to wrestling where striking is not allowed however fighters initiate takedowns and pin their opponents to the mad via control.

Both sports are designed in completley different ways howevers theres reasons why one may be superior to fighters with particular stregnths and weaknesses.

Why Start Boxing

Theres plenty of reasons to start boxing. After boxing for many years the thrill is unlike any other. Boxing builds respect, confidence, and discipline. All these characteristics are extremely desirable. Here are a few pros and cons so you can weigh up a decision for yourself.


  • Boxing teaches discipline, determination, respect, and many more useful traits
  • Teaches self-defense and how to punch properly
  • Build great relationships
  • Has the possibility to make you extremely wealthy
  • The boxing community is dedicated to their sport
  • Boxing can help you obtain a strong and aesthetic physic
  • Releases endorphins and is a great way to handle stress


  • The possibility of injury is always there.
  • Some disagree with the ethics of boxing and consider it to be a destructive sport

Why Start Wrestling

Like with any sport theres always plenty of reasons to get started. Wether your looking to improve your endurance or want to increase you stregnth and fight IQ wrestling to can be a great way to face these challanges head on for improvement. Heres a breif list of some pros and cons:


  • Wrestling increases practical strength
  • Strengthens bone, muscle ligaments, and the brain
  • Can help build a desirable physic
  • Improves flexibility which can help in the present as well as the future
  • Teaches all the common characteristics of a combat sport such as mental toughness, discipline, respect, and commitment.


  • Like with boxing the possibility of a serious injury is always apparent
  • Wrestling does not tech striking which is seen as the best form of self defence
  • The Financial gain is nowhere near as much as boxing


All in all, both sports are amazing and teach many fantastic skills. However boxing does seems to be the suprior. The levels of oportuniy and versitlity in the sport is higher than ever before with millions of new fans all over the world joing the community. From a fighting standpoint the speed and technique required to throw a proper punch will always seems superior to us.

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