Can You Box With A Beard – Detailed Explanation

The obvious answer is yes. Boxing with a beard is permissible. The issue revolves around the impact that keeping a beard will have through a fight. In this article, we’ll be going over the possible positives and negatives of having a beard whilst boxing. As well as taking a look at what the regulations state.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Beard

This may or may not surprise you, however, studies conducted showed boxing with a beard actually provides some reinforcement when it comes to taking punches. Meaning your beard may help you take punches.

We were just as shocked as you when discovering this fact but it’s clear that hair tightly packed around a fighter’s jaw will give them an edge when it comes to taking a punch.

The amount of difference a beard provides is minimal, nevertheless, if you’re looking to maximize your punch endurance then keeping a beard is another small factor that you can tick off the list.

In some cases, you could also argue that keeping a beard makes a fighter look bigger and more powerful. From a tactical point of view, this could mess with their opponent. Thinking that the bearded fighter is stronger than he actually is. Having a mental edge over your opposition, especially at the pinnacle of boxing can in fact be the difference between victory and defeat.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Having A Beard

Keeping a beard does not pose any serious disadvantages when it comes to boxing. The only possible drawback may be the effectiveness of Vaselineh.

Its known boxers are allowed to put petroleum jelly on the face in order to help punches slide off. Some would say that having a beard does the complete opposite making you more susceptible to punches. In big fights having an extra advantage over your opponent is critical. If fighters know they are facing a pig power puncher then shaving off a beard to ensure punches can slide off the face may be something worth considering.

Another disadvantage of having a beard is the regulation side of the sport. Fighters who keep beards and let them grow past a certain level they will be asked to trim or remove them. This may affect their brand as a boxer who’s known for keeping a beard or eliminate the factor of them using their beard as a shock absorber.

Rules And Regulations For Beards in Boxing

When it comes to boxing with a beard the rules are fairly straightforward. What the majority stand by is fighters are allowed to keep beards if they are trimmed properly. The hair can not be so thick that the jawline is unidentifiable. For some hair is thinner than others so it really depends from person to person.

Generally keeping a small beard will not cause an issue with any commission in boxing. If your beard is a concern then before the fight the issue will be bought up. For the majority of fighters, this is unlikely to happen yet best to have it in the back of your head if you are trying to box with a beard.


A fairly simple question with an equally simple answer. Keeping a beard is a personal choice as long as it doesn’t cover your face completely you should be just fine.

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