Does Boxing Stunt Growth – Truths & Myths Explained

Boxing can cause a lot of things but stunted growth isn’t one of them. There is not a single piece of evidence that suggests there is any correlation between growth and boxing training. I think the idea stems from the fact that boxing is a contact sport and it involves taking punches to the head. There are also lots of smaller boxers who are at the pinnacle of the sport. This fact may be another contributing factor to this myth.

Many parents rightfully worry about the impacts that boxing may have on their child’s health and make the connection between head trauma and stunted growth. While there certainly are dangers in boxing you should be aware of, growth isn’t one of them. Just training in boxing is perfectly safe for children, provided they aren’t getting hit in the head.

Can Boxing Actually Stunt Your Growth

To put it simply No. There is no way boxing can stunt growth, however extreme trauma to the brain at a very early age could damage development. In other words, if young children were taking repeated shots to the head from fully grown adults you could argue there may be a slight possibility.

Boxing is a difficult and grueling sport for all ages. However, the training that takes place in boxing gyms can not be connected to stunting growth. Children who start boxing at an early age slowly learn the sport. This may take months or years. As they progress in skills and maturity are they then allowed to start sparing. When done in the correct weight and age classes there is a 0% chance of stunting growth.

Many Gardiens often show some concern when their child wants to participate in the sport of boxing. Yes, there are risks however boxing is practiced in a very safe way especially when it comes to children.

Should I Let My Child Box

Yes!!!, just kidding it’s entirely up to you. Allowing your child to participate in a combat sport can be a big deal. That’s why we’d always say to weigh out the pros and cons for yourself.

For some children, boxing can be a great way to build essential characteristics such as respect, discipline, and resilience. For others, it may have a slightly negative effect. Eg increasing the number of fights in school or being rude.

These arent things we personally experienced after boxing from a very early age however all children are different. To make things easier here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of letting your child box.

Pros Cons
Can Cause An Increase In Violence Can Cause An Increase in Violence
Great For Physical Fitness Chance Of Injury
Great For Physical Fitness
Can Become Very Successful

You know your child better, if you feel like boxing may be a good way for them to progress then go for it however it’s very normal to feel the contrary.

Will Boxing Affect My Childs’s Growth

Boxing can positively affect your child’s physical and mental growth. It’s crucial for children to take part in an exercise in order to reach their maximum potential. Likewise, the key skills and characteristics required when boxing will also help them grow and develop as people. Knowing how to defend yourself along with being able to keep yourself composed in difficult situations is an accolade majority of parents would like their children to adopt.

When looking at this side of the argument it’s clear that the positives of boxing do outweigh the negatives. From personally taking part in exercise from an early age the improved motor skills acquired are definitely helpful in many different aspects of later life.


A simple question with a fairly simple answer boxing will definitely not stunt your child’s growth. If you’re here because your child has expressed an interest in the sport then it’s fair to say if you are ok with them learning self-defense and possibly training in a combat sports style then boxing is an excellent way to do so.

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