How Much Does It Cost to Box – Comprehensive Breakdown

The cost of boxing has lots of variation which is fundamentally dependent on the degree to which you want to learn. As arbitrary as this sounds, it is the only reasonable explanation for such a question. However, for most people that simply want to start learning, you can get a rough estimation of how much Boxing will cost.

After extensive research into the various facets of learning boxing, we estimated that it roughly costs $50-150 per month on average. However, bear in mind that this is on a beginner’s scheme. For those who box seriously and/or competitively, the costs tend to be much higher.

Boxing gym membership costs USA

To really find out how much it costs to learn boxing, we took some of the most popular boxing gyms in the United States via and calculated the average cost of a membership per month. The table below also shows the variation in costs for boxing gyms. Some gyms may charge a lot of money but they will offer coaching, advice, and be proactive with their clients. On the other hand, other gyms may offer very little assistance but provide access to high-quality boxing equipment for a low price.

Boxing GymReported Monthly Cost (Best package)
Gleason’s Gym$110
Wild Card Boxing Club$50
Overthrow NYC$125
Title Boxing Club$89
Mayweather Fitness $149
City of Angels Boxing Gym$99
Gotham Boxing Gym$130
Hit Fit SF$249
UFC Gym$79
Work Train Fight$227
Box N Burn$247
Box Union $209
Bay Back Boxing$150
Church Street Boxing Gym$175
SolBox Fitness Club$125
Western Avenue Boxing$125
Mendez Boxing Gym NYC$200
Unanimous Boxing Gym$140
Normandy Boxing Gym$199
Mean average price from data: $152.3

From this data, we were able to gather that among some of the most popular boxing gyms in the United States, the average price with the best package and no contracts or obligations was $152.3 per month. However, this is for their most premium packages and we opted to not benefit from yearly subscriptions to keep the data as accurate as possible.

This means in reality, quality boxing gym memberships will range from around $50-150 per month depending on the package and services of the gym. However, you can also find gyms that aren’t as reputable or proactive for much less.

Boxing gym membership costs UK

In the UK, the prices are relatively similar to the US study when you take into consideration the exchange rate. Expect to pay £30-120 per month for a good boxing gym membership. More affluent areas like London tend to have more expensive memberships but generally speaking, prices will be similar.

How much boxing training equipment costs

For the most part, boxing equipment isn’t that expensive. A good pair of boxing gloves will cost around $50 and a heavy-bag will probably set you back around $100. There are some premium gloves from brands like Winning, Cleto Reyes, and Grant that often cost several hundred dollars, but they are exceptions and are usually only used by competitive or professional fighters.

Realistically, things like gloves and bags are singular purchases, you may eventually change them after several years once they are worn out. But they are robust and designed to use used harshly, so providing you buy good quality equipment, it shouldn’t be something you have to replace often.

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There is other equipment you can buy for training at home like a speed-bag, double-end bag, and aqua-bag. However, these are commonly found in boxing gyms and for someone that is casually training boxing at home for fitness or a hobby, I don’t think they add much value. But for those who want to build a home gym for instance, we have compiled a table below that shows every type of boxing equipment that you’ll typically find in boxing gyms and how much they cost.

Boxing EquipmentTypical Average Prices
Hand Wraps$10
Heavy Bag$100
Aqua Bag$250
Double End bag$50
Speed Bag$100
Cup/Groin Protector$40
Hand-held Dumbells$20
Boxing Bar$350
Boxing Shoes$100

Boxing courses and online classes

For someone that is looking to learn boxing for pure fitness or weight loss, they are more affordable options than going to a boxing gym. I personally think that are irreplaceable benefits of going to a boxing gym, as you can get advice and coaches will push you to train harder. However, if that isn’t a priority for you, then online classes and courses can be viable substitutes.

These digital products vary a lot in price. Since the value of a course is intangible and often unrecognisable to a beginner, it can be difficult to know whether you’ve purchased a good product. There are some people online, who are solely trying to scam their audience into buying futile courses for their own self gain. However, there is also a large community of fitness entrepreneurs who look to provide genuine value with their paid content. These courses tend to cost more, but they are far more likely to have some actual substance to them.

I personally wouldn’t be comfortable spending over $150 on a course for boxing and I don’t see how the value from online tutorials and exercises can justify a higher price. These courses definitely have their value and can be highly beneficial to certain individuals. However, there isn’t a substitute to training with others who can actively critique and help you improve, especially if you want to learn the technicalities of boxing.

Proffesional boxing costs

As an elite professional boxer, your costs will be nearly as immense as your paycheck. You need to pay for trainers, sparring partners, promotional costs, nutritionists, physiotherapists, health advisors, managers, and more. In total, this tends to cost several hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars for elite boxers.

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As these costs are highly personal and situational, so its difficult to estimate an actual figure, but they will be significantly lower and sometimes non-existent for the less reputable professionals compared to the elites. This is because technically, anyone can join the professional ranks which is why lots of journeymen tend to cut costs by not having management, physiotherapists, nutritionists, or even trainers. Providing they can pass medical tests, anyone has the right to compete as a professional.


As we mentioned earlier, the cost of boxing will depend on the degree to which you want to learn. Many people practice boxing with a small budget, often training at home with their friends, and spending next to nothing on memberships and equipment. However, for the vast majority, joining a gym will the most beneficial route where you can expect to get the best possible results for your time and money.

Boxing isn’t an expensive sport, there aren’t many things you can buy that will suddenly elevate your experience. Boxing simply requires a lot of time and effort to master. You could have access to all the best equipment, trainers, and nutritionists, but if you haven’t been working, it will show. If you’re a beginner, I wouldn’t worry about getting the nicest equipment or the best membership. I’d look to gain experience, and the best way to do that is by surrounding yourself by people who are more experienced, and putting hours in at the gym.

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